A loan of PKR 60,000 helped expand a business of hand-molded items.
Muhammad Shahid from Gujranwala operates a hand-molding machine to make plastic utensils and other items which he further sales. Shahid is a deserving man. He has been doing this business for the last 10 years and has always struggled to grow it further. Since a while, Shahid lacks the raw materials for making the products, which has been slowing down his business. This is very worrisome for Shahid as he is the sole bread earner for a family of 8. From his income, Shahid supports his old mother, sister, wife and his 4 young children, all of whom attend school.   Shahid is out of material and he needs to buy stock, for which he has requested a loan of PKR 60,000 from Seed Out. He will be able to resume production and increase his sales up to Rs. 35,000. Currently, Shahid earns only Rs. 24,000 from which he has to manage the needs of 8 family members. One can only imagine how impossible it is to have decent living conditions from such a small income. Shahid rightly deserves to be funded for his business as the incremental income will be a great blessing for the family and help ease their financial woes significantly. 
It helps a man, who is the sole bread-earner for a family of 8, increase his income and improve living standards for his family.
PKR 290,893

Average annual income

PKR 52,485,100

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Loan Length 0Months
Repayment schedule:
Installment per month:
PKR 2500.00
Disbursed date:
Jul 17,2020