A loan of PKR 100,000 helped to expand a garments' stall.
Muhammad Saleem is an ambitious business person who works hard at the age of 56. Saleem runs a small garments stall in the market in his locality to support his family. Saleem has approached Seed Out for the second time for a loan. During the first loan cycle, he started his garments stall and now that his business has started doing well, he has decided to expand it. His customer base has widened, Saleem has decided to invest to earn an even better income. However, Saleem does not want to settle for less and continues to find better opportunities to provide even better living to his family. His eldest son, Ali Hassan, left his studies and started working at a renowned organization to support his father financially. The other two children are currently studying and aspire to become successful people. Saleem has requested a loan of PKR 100,000 to expand his garments stall. Saleem plans to add more variety of clothes and garments to his stall to attract a more extensive customer base. With this loan, Saleem's financial troubles will be lessened. He will continue to provide funds for his children’s education and also fulfill other demands. He intends to save money for the wedding of his elder son.
It helps a person grow his business and provide a better living to his family.
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PKR 271,500

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PKR 32,985,370

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PKR 3500.00
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Nov 19,2019