A loan of $108 helped start a fast-food business.
42-year-old Muhammad Arshad from Bahawalnagar is a very needy person. He has a family of 5 people and Arshad, his wife and son all work as laborers to meet the household expenses. For 15 years Arshad worked as a laborer and for the past three years, he has been working in a fast-food restaurant. Now that he has gained experience, Muhammad Arshad wants to open his own business of fast-food. Life has been very tough for Arshad and his family. He finally wants to make it better and hence has approached Seed Out for a loan of $108 to start his fast-food business. Arshad is very hopeful that this business will help to increase his income and allow the family to live in better conditions. Donate to Muhammad Ashraf to change his life.
It helps a very needy person to change his life.
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$ 5.40
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Nov 11,2019