A loan of PKR 80,000 helped to buy a motorcycle rickshaw.
Akber Ali, a 44 year old man, lives with his wife, and five children in a small village of Gujranwala. His father has provided him a house. He works as a labor in a private company. Akber Ali wants to drive Rickshaw part time and requesting to acquire it on installments. His five children are students of nursery, 5th, 7th, 9th and10th class. His total income is not completely fulfilling his household expenses. All of his earnings are spent on the household expenses, school fees and other expenses leaving behind no savings for his children’ secure future. Akber Ali decided to buy his own Motor Cycle Rickshaw and has requested funding. The Start Up program of Seed Out enables him to get a fund of PKR 80,000 towards purchasing a Rickshaw which will allow him to work on a local Rickshaw line and have a stable income.
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PKR 452,500

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PKR 2000.00
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Sep 01,2014