A loan of $216 helped expand a grocery business.
27-year-old Azhar Mehmood from Bahawalnagar supplies grocery and stationery items to various shops, from which he earns a monthly income of Rs. 20,000. This is insufficient to meet the needs of his wife and two very young sons who go to school. Earlier, Azhar used to go door to door on his motorcycle to deliver newspapers. His income now is better than before but still not enough. His father tries to help him out by contributing a small amount for the electricity bill but Azhar wants to be more financially secure so he can take care of his family himself. Azhar wants to expand his retail business and has requested a loan of $216 to purchase a greater variety of grocery and stationery items. This will definitely help Azhar improve his income. Life will take a turn for the better for his wife and sons. Please donate to the young and struggling Azhar to help him succeed.
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$ 9.00
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Dec 16,2019