A loan of PKR 220,000 helped Younas to upgrade to a loader rickshaw from a donkey cart.
Seed Out has taken a step to protect animals from the harshness in labor. The purpose of the initiative is to free animals, especially donkeys from hard work. We received multiple applications from donkey cart owners, and amongst them, the most dedicated one was Muhammad Younas. A hard-working individual from Bahawalnagar, Younas, has been working with a donkey for ten years to transport goods from one place to another. Younas is passionate about taking good care of his donkey, but his only source of income is the donkey cart. He was looking for opportunities to upgrade to a vehicle from donkey for a long time, but he lacked investment. Seed Out’s initiative came as a breakthrough for Younas. He is in full support of freeing his donkey from labor and use a loader rickshaw instead. He wants a loan of PKR 220,000 to purchase a new rickshaw. The upgrade will improve Younas’ business as he would have more time to cover many deliveries in a day. Due to increased business opportunities, his income will considerably improve, leading to better household conditions. Other than this, he wouldn’t have to worry about his animal doing extra and hard labor.
It helps a person improve his business and save the donkey from the torture of hard labor.
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PKR 6000.00
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Oct 16,2019