A loan of PKR 220,000 helped to purchase a loader rickshaw and his transportation business was improved.
Naseer Ahmed from Lahore is eager to upgrade his mode of transportation; from transporting bulky goods on a donkey cart, Naseer wants to shift to a loader rickshaw. Naseer, a kind-hearted individual, felt uncomfortable that his donkey carried such heavy load but there was no way out. Using a donkey cart, he was able to do one or two deliveries in a day, which earned him a limited amount only. Seed Out has proposed an initiative to facilitate several donkey cart owners to switch to an automated means of transportation. The purpose of this initiative is primarily to protect the rights of the animals, free the donkeys from hard labor, and prevent cruelty towards them. Naseer is amongst our first few donkey cart owners who highly support the idea. Naseer requested a loan of PKR 220,000 to purchase a brand new loader rickshaw. Naseer is excited about the massive change as it will improve his means of transportation and save time for multiple deliveries. His donkey will be set free from all the hard labor. Besides, his business will flourish, and his income will improve considerably. Donate to Naseer to make him a successful micro-entrepreneur and support the cause of protecting animal rights in Pakistan.
It helps a person improve his income and protect donkeys from difficult labor.
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PKR 6000.00
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Oct 16,2019