A loan of PKR 75,000 helped to set up a beauty parlor.
Zainab Abbas is a young female entrepreneur striving to give a better life to her family. A few years ago, Zainab started working at a beauty parlor where she learned beautician work. Although she earned a little income, she was more interested in learning. Then Zainab got more involved in cosmetic items and became a salesperson. She purchased cosmetics and went from parlor to parlor to sell them. Zainab's income increased and she supported her husband. Throughout these years, Zainab was not only interested in earning but she learned and excelled in her field. She knew these skills would help her set up her beauty parlor one day. Zainab has four children and all of them attend school. Zainab's husband, Abbas, is supportive of her ambitions and wants her to become a successful entrepreneur. Abbas is a micro-entrepreneur himself; he runs a small general store in his locality. Both of them try hard to make their lives better and futures brighter. Zainab wants Seed Out to assist her financially. She has requested a loan of PKR 75,000 to start her beauty parlor. With the loan, Zainab will buy cosmetics, seats, mirrors, and other parlor items for her parlor. She will move her existing customer base to her new salon. She will be able to earn a considerable amount and make her living better.
It helps empower a female entrepreneur and provide for her family.
PKR 452,500

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PKR 3000.00
Disbursed date:
Nov 01,2019