A loan of $252 helped to expand a grocery store.
Muhammad Amin is amongst our needy borrowers who are managing a large family alone. At the age of 54, he still works hard so that his family’s needs are thoroughly fulfilled. Amin runs a small grocery store in his locality and it is the only source of income for his family. Amin’s family is going through a tough time financially as well as emotionally. Amin’s eldest daughter, Sidra, was diagnosed with acute kidney disease. After that, their financial condition continued to deteriorate. Most of Amin’s income and savings are spent on Sidra’s treatment. Her hospital visits and medical bills add up to the expenses. However, Amin is determined to provide quality medical treatment to his daughter and make her healthy again. Moreover, Amin does not compromise on his children's education. The rest of his children are attending private schools and attaining quality education. He approached Seed Out for financial assistance and requested a loan of $252 to expand his grocery store. He intends to stock up his shop with snacks, eatables, daily use items, etc. With added variety his revenue will go up. His household expenses will be managed efficiently, and he will be able to afford his daughter's treatment and his children's school fees.
It helps a person grow his business and provide quality medical treatment to his daughter.

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$ 10.80
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Jan 11,2020