A loan of $252 helped expand a grocery store.
33-year-old Imran Jameel from Bahawalnagar has been running his small grocery store for the past 1 year. Before that, Imran worked for 4 years as a salesman in a vegetable shop and for 8 years as a laborer. After much struggle, Imran has opened his own store of which he is proud of. Unfortunately, however, the income from his store is not enough to meet household expenses, as Imran takes care of his old parents, his sister who goes to a government school, his wife and their 2-year-old daughter. Expansion of the grocery store is very important for Imran so that he can take better care of his family. He wants to add more stock and increase his sales. For this purpose, he has requested a loan of $252 from Seed Out, and is very hopeful that this will bring him prosperity. Please donate to Imran who is single-handedly taking care of his family.
It helps a deserving individual to take care of his parents, sister, wife and daughter.
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$ 10.80
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Dec 16,2019