A loan of PKR 220,000 helped to improve the transportation business by switching from a donkey cart to a loader rickshaw.
Undergoing tough financial conditions, Abdur Rouf has decided to capitalize on Seed Out’s initiative of assisting donkey cart owners. Seed Out has called out to donkey cart owners to switch to a loader rickshaw, in an attempt to prevent abuse against donkeys and other animals that are used for transportation and often overburdened. The attempt will also improve the earning of donkey cart owners. Abdur Rouf had yearned to switch to a loader rickshaw but did not have enough savings. Abdur Rouf is a scrap seller from Bahawalnagar and sells his stock in multiple cities. His only source of transport is the donkey cart. Traveling from one town to another on a donkey cart consumes much of his time and is tiresome, but the donkey suffers most of all which makes Abdur Rouf feel sorry for the poor animal. To save himself and the donkey from the daily hassle, Abdur Rouf has applied for a loan of PKR 220,000 to purchase a new loader rickshaw. He intends to free the donkey upon getting the vehicle, saving it from intense labor. Abdur Rouf will be able to improve his income as he will be able to make a greater number of trips this will help improve his household conditions
It helps a person improve his income and saves his donkey from intense labor.
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PKR 6000.00
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Oct 16,2019