A loan of $216 helped expand a grocery store.
For 10 years, 32-year-old Muhammad Shakeel from Bahawalnagar has worked as an Imam. He had very little income and from this he used to support his old mother, wife and 4 young children, 2 of whom are old enough to attend school. The youngest is only a month old. As his income as an Imam was not sufficient, Shakeel opened up a grocery store 3 years ago which made life a little better. His family’s sustenance is entirely dependent on Shakeel and his grocery store and hence we want to help Shakeel expand it. For his grocery store expansion, Shakeel has requested a loan of $216 from Seed Out. This will enable him to add a greater quantity and variety of items which are sure to increase his sales. Let’s donate to Muhammad Shakeel as he is the only person who is earning for his family of 7 people. Better financial condition will allow him to provide education to his young children.
It helps a person to support his family of 7 and provide education to his 4 young children.
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$ 9.00
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Dec 26,2019