A loan of $216 helped Pervaiz in starting a garments shop.
Pervaiz Iqbal is a 55 year old married man, living with his family in a slum of Gujranwala. He has 5 children, 3 of whom are married and lives in a rented house. Pervez has a very demanding job; he works as a security guard and is in charge of the night shift. As he is getting old, he fears that he might not be able to do the job any more. He is also suffering from an allergy making it extremely hard for him to fulfill his duty. Being the sole bread winner for the family, he can’t risk being unemployed. Pervez wants to start his own business. He is looking forward to start a garment shop but requires money for the startup. He requested Seed Out to provide him a loan of $216. The money will be enough to provide a strong start to Pervez. He can make his own boutique and generate a satisfactory income.  Without donations we are unable to help Pervez in this time of need. A small donation can make a huge change in someone’s life
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$ 9.00
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Jul 16,2016