A loan of $180 helped to expand an undergarments business.
Abdul Khaliq is a struggling man fighting hard to provide his children with the best of life. Being a father of four young boys, he ensures that his boys are raised in the right manner. Khaliq earns his income by selling undergarments in a market of Bahawalnagar. He has a small stall which he is willing to expand and turn into a proper shop in the near future. Khaliq's eldest son, Zaib, also contributes to the household income by working as a garments salesman. Due to harsh financial conditions, Khaliq's two elder sons could not receive education. However, Abdul Khaliq is determined to give decent education to his two younger sons who are studying at a government school. Khaliq has requested a loan of $180 to expand his business of undergarments by purchasing more stock for his stall. He believes this will enable him to attract more customers and this increase his revenue and profits. He will be able to provide his family with a decent livelihood and save for his sons' future endeavors.  
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$ 7.56
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Dec 16,2019