A loan of PKR 75,000 helps start a ladies' clothing business.
Pervaiz Masih is 44 years old man with a vast experience in the field of stitching and selling clothes. Pervaiz has worked for two decades for different clothing companies but earned only a limited amount of income. Previously, he did not struggle much to provide for his family. But lately, he has become very poor and needy. The responsibility of taking care of his old parents also falls on his shoulders. His children are school-going and he is the only one managing different expenses. Luckily, Pervaiz’s wife is contributing to the overall income by working as a housemaid. In this tough situation, Pervaiz decided to seek Seed Out’s help. He requested a loan of PKR 75,000 to start his business of stitched and unstitched ladies clothes. After investigating Pervaiz’s profile, Seed Out is positive in providing a loan to him. His entrepreneurial skills and capabilities will help him grow. Based on his enthusiasm and dedication, he owns the potential to earn a reasonable income and expand his business in the future. Since Pervaiz has built a vast clientele base during his work, he believes these customers will directly purchase clothes from him. He can target various customers in a huge city of Lahore. Rather than earning a specific amount each month, Pervaiz will be able to earn double the amount. As Seed Out provides interest-free loans to its borrowers, Pervaiz is hopeful he will repay the loan on time and become a successful entrepreneur.
It helps fulfill the household expenses of an underprivileged family.
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