A loan of PKR 40,000 helped expand a grocery store.
Irshad Ali is runs a small grocery store in Faisalabad. He was doing well until the lockdown as his sales plummeted sharply. He had a loss in his business and lately it has been difficult for Irsha to feed, educate and take care of his children, as well as of his mother. Irshad wants to reinvest in his store and revitalise his business as soon as possible, for which he needs a loan of PKR 40,000 from Seed Out. He is a good salesman and is extremely confident that expanding his store will bring much ease in his life. Please donate to Irshad to help him strengthen his livelihood.    
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PKR 452,500

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PKR 16,698,500

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PKR 2000.00
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Oct 29,2020