A loan of PKR 70,000 helped to restart a business of grocery items, food point, and video CDs.
Muhammad Naeem Ahmed is truly a man of steel. After going through a terrible road accident in early 2018, he has been able to recover physically and emotionally in very little time. However, the accident was a tragedy that left him and his family with no money and no source of income. Whatever savings and income he had earned were spent on his treatment. Before his accident, Naeem had experience of running a grocery store, a food point, and a video center simultaneously. His store ran well and generated a good income. However, after Naeem recovered, he didn't have any inventory in his store and Naeem's family faced extreme financial difficulties. Naeem started doing general labor jobs to keep his household running and keep children in school. His eldest son, Zeeshan, is studying in a college. Naeem has requested a loan of PKR 70,000 to restart his grocery and retail store business. He intends to add more stock of grocery items, CDs, and other eatables to attract a larger number of customers. He plans to quit his daily labor jobs once he gets funded from Seed Out. He wishes to improve his family's livelihood and give them a better life than before.
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PKR 271,500

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PKR 32,985,370

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PKR 3000.00
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Oct 28,2019