A loan of PKR 40,000 helped to expand a general store.
Sarwar, a 34 year old striving father is often worried about meeting the expenses of his household and business. It worries him that how will he run his household and the dire feeling of helplessness makes him demoralised. Before starting his small grocery store in Gujranwala, Sarwar worked as a construction worker in UAE. He lived there for 9 years and decided to move back due to personal issues. His current business produces a minimal amount of income which hardly fulfills the needs of his family. His second born is only a few months old and meeting his needs is important. This adds to their expenses as diapers and baby food are expensive. Sarwar’s brothers, Asghar and Arshad also live with him. Arshad works in a factory but does not earn much. Sarwar believes that increasing the inventory of his general store will prove beneficial for him. Sarwar has approached Seed Out for financial help. He wants a micro-loan of PKR 40,000 from Seed Out’s crowd funding platform to expand his general store. Sarwar is a good candidate for loan, he possess entrepreneurial skills to expand his business and earn enough sustainable income which not only fulfils his household expenses but can be saved as well for future expenses.
It helps a business to grow and ease financial pressure of an entire household.
PKR 452,500

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Loan Length Months
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PKR 2000.00
Disbursed date:
Aug 07,2019