A loan of $720 helped to buy a loader rickshaw.
Shahbaz Ahmed is a 43-year-old father who is dedicated to transform lives of his family for the better. Being a father of 4 school going children, he puts in extra effort in his work to earn more so that his kids do not face poverty when they grow up. Few years ago, he started his own business of providing construction material and placing shutters onto construction sites. The business generates only a limited amount of income as transportation of the material proves costly for Shahbaz. His wife, Samra also contributes to the household income by working as a school teacher. Unfortunately, their expenses exceed their combined income and it becomes difficult for them to manage their budget every month. They send their children to quality schools as they believe education is the last thing to compromise on. Shahbaz reached Seed Out for a loan of $720 to buy a loader rickshaw which will be used to transport construction material and shutters to the sites. This will reduce the transportation cost and he can deliver his material to more number of places and save significantly. He will become a successful micro-entrepreneur and lead a happy family.
It helps a person to spend on his children's quality education and provide for their brighter future.

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$ 18.00
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Aug 10,2019