A loan of $144 helped to expand a general store.
Muhammad Imran, a 28-year-old man from Gujranwala, faces multiple hardships when he is unable to earn adequate income to provide for his household. Being the eldest amongst his 4 siblings, the responsibility of managing the household expenses falls on his shoulders. Although, Imran's brothers also contribute to the household income but Imran being married also has his own family to take care of as he wants to fulfil all the basic needs of his 2-year-old son. Unfortunately, Imran is handicapped from his left hand but still works hard as a factory worker to provide for his family. He previously ran a grocery store but due to financial crises, he had to discontinue its operations. Imran requires Seed Out's help to resume his general store's operations. He has requested a loan of $144 to expand his general store inventory. Imran believes that his grocery store business will prove to be fruitful as expanding the stock will lead to increased sales and income. He will then be able to provide well for his family and escape the life in poverty.
It helps a handicapped person to earn sufficient income to provide well for his family.

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$ 7.20
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Aug 07,2019