A loan of $216 helped to expand a garment business.
Tasneem is a true definition of a tireless mother who works full time and takes care of the household so that her family gets three meals per day. 43-year-old Tasneem is a mother of 5 kids. Her top priority is taking care of all their needs and provide them with proper meals. For Tasneem and her husband, Riaz, managing the household expenses have become extremely difficult. Tasneem stitches clothes from the unstitched fabric provided by her brother and then sends to the market for sale. Riaz her husband is also involved in this business and he does overlocking on the clothes. As both of them earn limited income, at the end of the month, there are days when their income gets completely finished and the only way to survive becomes borrowing from others. Their eldest daughter attends college and is committed to complete higher education. Tasneem and Akhtar are supportive of their children's education but sometimes get hopeless when they don't see any sustainable means of income for future. Tasneem wants to expand her clothing business by purchasing greater amount of fabric, threads and buttons of her own. Tasneem approached Seed Out for a micro-loan of $216 to expand her clothing business. This way she will be able to earn her own income and will not have to share profits with her brother. This will increase her revenue and she will be able to provide better for her children's meals and education.
It helps empower a female entrepreneur and provide for her children's meals and education.

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$ 9.00
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Aug 08,2019