A loan of PKR 60,000 helped buy a motorcycle rickshaw body.
Muhammad Yousaf from Bahawalnagar is an extremely needy person. He is the sole bread earner of his family and has 5 dependents including his wife, mother and three young children. He has 2 daughters aged 3 and a 2-year-old son. He earns no more than rupees 15,000 and one can clearly remember the extreme living conditions for a family of 6 in such a low income. Every month, he has to pay Rs  3000 for his mother's medical expenses as she is a heart patient. At times, Yousaf does not even have enough money to afford two meals a day. This is at a time when his children haven't even started school. As they grow up, his expenses will considerably increase. Yousaf sometimes works as a salesman. Currently, he is driving a rented auto rickshaw. He drives it the entire day and night but is hardly able to bear the fruit of his work as the majority of the earning goes in paying the vehicle's rent. Fortunately, Yousaf has a bike and he wants to convert it into a motorcycle rickshaw. He does not have any money to buy the rickshaw body and thus needs a loan of PKR 60,000 from Seed Out.  Owing to his extremely deserving status, we urge you to donate to Muhammad Yousaf. All he wants is to earn a respectable income and never rely on others for his family's survival. We sure can help him do that! 
PKR 290,893

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PKR 30,900,000

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PKR 2500.00
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Feb 25,2021