A loan of $108 helped to expand a grocery store.
Sadia Hakim is a 31-year-old mother whose dreams are associated with the well being of her 3 children. She realizes the shortcomings of poverty and continues to work hard each day and also takes care of her household. She is an empowered micro-entrepreneur who runs her own grocery shop at her home. She feels that its her duty to contribute to the household expenses along with her husband. Her husband is a hotel worker who earns a limited amount of income. Living in a cemented house, life is tough for Sadia. They pay rent each month but as the house is old, the hygiene conditions continue to deteriorate which makes her worried about her children's healthcare. Sadia also believes it through education, her children will be able to gain success in their lives and escape the vicious poverty cycle they are trapped in. Sadia has requested a loan of $108 to purchase wholesale products for her grocery store. She wants to add additional items such as milk, bread, juices etc. To her store to increase her daily sales and her income. She is hopeful that this assistance from Seed Out will not only grow her small business but will eventually improve the conditions of her household. She will save money for the higher studies of her children and get her home renovated so that hygiene and sanitary conditions are drastically improved.
It helps a female micro-entrepreneur to grow her business and improve her family's livelihood.

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$ 5.40
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Jun 30,2019