A loan of $216 helped to start a general store.
Nazia Begum, a 39-year-old is a strong and ambitious woman who wants to ease her husband’s financial burden. Being a mother of seven children, she understands that household expenses cannot be managed through her husband’s income only. Nazia is a diligent mother who has done adda work for almost 12 years. She then also worked in a small general store for nearly 2 years to support her husband. She is adamant to give her children a quality life and escape poverty. Due to less income, her family has lived in a cemented and broken house with unhygienic conditions. Her house’s kitchen is uncovered which becomes a source of number of diseases which her children can catch. Nazia wants to have a sustainable income to manage her household expenses, pay for her children’s school fees and provide quality meals. Nazia has requested a loan of $216 from Seed Out’s crowd funding platform to start her general store at her home. She will utilize the amount to purchase consumer goods in wholesale and also set up a proper store. She will further invest in running the store and managing its operational costs. She is positive, she can earn a considerable amount of income from a general store business. With an increased income, she will support her husband financially. Household expenses and school fees will be managed properly along with this she intends to get the kitchen roof constructed to improve the hygiene conditions.
It helps to empower a female entrepreneur and provide her children with a decent livelihood.
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$ 9.00
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May 03,2019