A loan of $432 helped buy a flour machine and start a business.
24-year-old Bilal Haider from Bahawalnagar runs a flour machine for a bakery and has been doing so for 10 years. This work earns him an income of Rs 13,500 from which he supports his family. Recently, Bilal has welcomed a new baby in his family who is only 10 days old. Bilal is very pleased but this also means that the expenses have increased. Bilal is immediately looking forward to earning more income so he can better support his wife and 2 young sons. For this, Bilal wants to buy a flour machine so he can start his own business instead of doing a job. Doing this will immediately double his income. For buying the machine, Bilal has requested a loan of $432. We are eager to support Bilal because having his own business will make a big difference in his income and it will do much to releive the financial stress and give a good life to his sons. Bilal is a needy person,, please donate to Bilal to change his life.
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$ 18.00
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Dec 26,2019