A loan of PKR 30,000 helped to start a beauty parlor.
Kanwal Anwar is a 28-year-old single woman determined to work hard in order to ease her household's financial problems. Kanwal has faced extreme poverty since childhood which motivated her to do something big. Her father was left jobless when she was very young which forced her to start working at the age of 16. She would go door to door to various beauty parlors in multiple cities in order to sell cosmetics and beauty products. She would put in extra effort and work over time just to earn a bit more each day through commission. The amount she brought home never proved to be enough but Kanwal did not give up and continued to work even harder. Now that she has gained an experience of 12 years, she wishes to start her own women's beauty parlor at her home. Kanwal has requested a loan of PKR 30,000 in order to start her own beauty parlor. From this loan amount, she will buy two or three parlor chairs, cosmetic items and necessary beauty products to launch her business. Kanwal is an ambitious young woman who believes in herself and has the potential to earn a handsome amount each month by running her own beauty parlor. Kanwal remains hopeful that her family’s financial conditions will improve with the help of the loan amount. She will be able to build a solid customer base and provide quality services which will make her customers return to her parlor. She will earn enough to fulfil her family's financial needs.
It helps and empowers a female entrepreneur to start her own business and escape the burden of poverty.
PKR 365,165

Average annual income

PKR 46,740,000

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Loan Length 0Months
Repayment schedule:
Installment per month:
PKR 1500.00
Disbursed date:
Jun 01,2019