A loan of PKR 50,000 helped to expand a general store.
Imtiaz Maseeh and his family are suffering in the hands of poverty. Belonging to an underprivileged family, Imtiaz did not compromise with his destitute lifestyle and wanted to grow out of it. 2 decades ago, Imtiaz started his small general store. It was easy to manage his expenses with limited income before but after he got married and his children grew older, his expenses gradually increased. He has two school-going children who expect their needs to be fulfilled by their father. Our team of social mobilizers was informed that Imtiaz is well-reputed in his locality. Most people purchase goods from his store as he is one of the most humble people in the neighborhood. Imtiaz is a decent looking and well-spoken person who has the potential to become a successful entrepreneur in the future. When Imtiaz saw that there is no other way to grow except for a loan, Imtiaz sought Seed Out’s help as it provides interest-free loans. Imtiaz was delighted to apply and requested a loan of PKR 50,000 to expand his inventory in his general store. As he has previously well-managed his store, Imtiaz is positive that as his inventory will increase, his sales will grow. His profit margins will be increased which will allow him to manage his household expenses well enough. Imtiaz plans to reinvest the profits back in his business so that his business grows from a mini store to a superstore.
It helps turn a struggling entrepreneur into a successful one and provide for his family's wellbeing.
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PKR 2500.00
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Aug 07,2019