A loan of $180 helped expand a general store.
Muhammad Asghar is forty three years old and has been living in Gujranwala. He has been working in a general store for the past five years. Now he feels that he has enough experience and he can look towards expanding his store. He has the mind of an entrepreneur and constantly looks to expand his source of income. Unfortunately, Muhammad Asghar does not have enough savings or income that can help him take this step. He is the sole breadwinner of his house. His wife tries to help him out to some extent by employing her skill at stitching clothes but that does not make enough of a difference. Their entire income gets spent in day to day household expenditures. They have two children who go to school and an old mother that they take care of with devotion. They live in a worn out, single bedroom house and altogether are five family members. Muhammad Asghar wants to improve his living conditions by fulfilling his dream and he believes that this would be helpful for his family as well. We can help this diligent, hardworking man by making a social investment through donating with the help of crowdfunding.
This will enable a hardworking man to expand his business by buying more inventory.

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$ 7.56
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May 03,2019