A loan of $216 helps to expand a foam business.
Saif Ur Rehman is twenty seven years old and lives in Bahawalnagar. He has worked as a driver for four years but ended up quitting because he felt that the income he made through it was not enough. Then he learnt embroidery and practiced it for six years but again what he earned through that wasn't enough as well. After trying his luck twice in different professions, he started a business of construction formwork. He believes that he has the expertise to turn this into a big venture because he sees huge potential in the market. However, this will require buying more inventory. This is the main road block in his path because he does not possess enough financial resources to do this. He has a lot of liabilities. He is married and has a one year old child. They live in a rented house which is also a major expense. Saif Ur Rehman has to make sure that he fulfils all his responsibilities. Therefore, currently he has zero savings and whatever he earns is utilised on day to day household expenditures. The only thing that can help Saif Ur Rehman is a contribution through us which we can make by donations through the platform of crowdfunding.
It will motivate young micro-entrepreneurs to grow and expand their businesses.

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$ 9.00
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Apr 10,2019