Zaman Khan has started his business.
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Zaman Khan is a driven, motivated and diligent 29 year old man. He has been running his own business of construction material since 4 years and now hopes to expand it. This however is not possible if he's going to mainly rely on his own income, since he has absolutely zero savings. Zaman has a lot of responsibility on his shoulder and with that he is the one and only sole breadwinner of his family, his brother helps him out with his business but what they earn together is not enough for 7 family members. Zaman is married and has 3 children, with that he has 3 sisters who are unmarried and an elderly mother and of course his own wife to look after. It becomes difficult for both Zaman and his brother to be able to save any kind of cash for their own business, whatever they make, it gets used for day to day bills and household expenditure at home. It is extremely important for Zaman to turn his source of income into something solid and that can only be done by expanding his venture. We can help this indigent young man to fulfill his dream and secure his entire family by donating through crowdfunding.
Will help a driven micro-entrepreneur secure his household and expand his business.
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Dec 16,2018