A loan of $108 helped to start a grocery store.
Muhammad Aslam is forty eight years old and he lives in Bahawalnagar. Muhammad worked as a laborer for twenty five years and ended up retiring. He feels that he still has a lot of responsibility to take care of considering he is the sole breadwinner of the family. He was always interested in starting and running his own business. Now he feels the time is right to do this. He has worked in a grocery store for five years and he believes that he can manage his own grocery store quite well. The only thing that is holding Muhammad Aslam back is the fact that he does not have enough resources or savings to invest in his own venture. He is married, has two children and his old mother also lives with them. He has to make sure he fulfills all his responsibilities. His children are in school so he has to pay for their school fee as well. Hence, whatever Muhammad earned throughout his life, has been utilized on day to day household expenditures. The only thing that can help him now is a contribution through us which we can make by donating through the platform of crowdfunding.
This will help a retired man who has responsibilities to set up a sustainable source of income for himself and secure his family.
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Mar 18,2019