A loan of $288 helped Muhammad Shehzad to start a business of manufacturing.
Muhammad Shehzad Siddique is from Lahore and has been working in the field of manufacturing since twenty years. He however feels that he is not earning enough while working for someone else therefore, Muhammad Shehzad wants to start his own business of manufacturing plastic and electric equipment. Muhmmad Shehzad Siddique feels starting his own business would bring him a fruitful outcome and secure his family financially. The only thing that holds him back from pursuing his skills is the lack of income and resources. Being the only sole breadwinner of his house, Muhammad has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. He has five children, out of which two go to school, he has a spouse who doesn't help him out financially. His entire income is utilized on everyday household expenditures. Their family lives in a shabby, single bedroom house. Muhammad is extremely unhappy with his current condition and he believes that he can do much better since he has had so much experience in the field that he wants to pursue. We can help this hardworking, experienced individual start his own micro business through donating by crowdfunding.
Will enable an experienced person start his own micro-entrepreneurship.

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$ 12.60
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Mar 01,2019