A loan of PKR 60,000 helped Nasir Saeed to expand his food business and secured his family's future.
Borrower story
Nasir Saeed is a hard working , diligent man who runs a tiny food stall of shawarma's in order to earn for himself and his family. Nasir Saeed has 3 children who are studying in Government School and a wife to look after , he however doesn't earn as much through which he can fulfill his dream of expanding his passion and finesse that he shares for food. He wants to expand his food business known as Al Karam food corner but day to day bills , house rent , school fee and food supplies ends up leaving behind nothing hence it is holding him back to pursue his dream. We can help Nasir Saeed secure his future and family by micro loans and crowd funding. It is very important for us to promote entrepreneurial thinking in rural areas because one good example can be a motivation for the entire community to thrive and flourish.
It is going to inspire new entrepreneurs to come forward and develop their skill. It is enabling the ability to create and build something from practically nothing.
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PKR 254,531

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PKR 5,593,500

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PKR 2500.00
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Jan 09,2019