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Devastating Floods in Pakistan

Sep 1, 2022
Devastating Floods in Pakistan

Devastating Floods in Pakistan: Torrential monsoon rain has caused the worst floods in Pakistan's recent memory, washing away entire towns and leaving  millions of people without access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities.

Devastating Floods in Pakistan

Over 1,100 people, among them over 350 children, have died. Many hundreds of thousand of people have lost their homes, while many public health facil­ities, water systems and school have been damaged or even completely ruined. As long as there are no signs of the rain stopping, the number of affected persons is expected to keep growing.

SEEDOUT is working with governments and its partner organizations to provide clean water, life-saving medicines, therapeutic foods, and hygienic materials for  children and their families. We're also helping people who've been affected by the recent flooding.

However, much more needs to be done to ensure that we can provide assistance to all flood victims.

We need your urgent support to help save lives.


Children in Pakistan are fighting to survive. No amount is too small. Donate urgently.

$50 – Can provide medical and hygiene kits to one person.

$200 – Can feed up to 3 families of 5 for up to one month.

$500 – Can provide up to 3 families with an Emergency Aid Pack.

$1000 – Can provide up to 1000 people with a hot meal.

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What is happening?

More than 33 million (including approximately 16 million children) have been affected by this summer’s heavy monsoons in Pakistan, which have  caused devastating rainfalls, floods and landslides across the country. Floods caused by heavy rains have destroyed houses, farmland and critical  infrastructures such as roads, schools, hospital and public healthcare facilities.

Reports indicate that there has been significant damage to educational infrastructure with thousands of school buildings damaged or destroyed.  Children face another year of disrupted schooling during the coronavirus outbreak, after two previous school shutdowns left nearly half of them  without classes for months at a time. Meanwhile, there have been reports of diarrhoeal disease, respiratory infections, and skin diseases among  people who visited the park.

The precarious humanitarian crisis is expected to get worse in the coming days and months as heavy rain continues in regions already under water. Most of the hardest hit countries are among the most vulnerable ones in terms of child mortality. Poor sanitation and lack of clean drinking water contribute to these deaths. Flooding has caused damage to most of the affected districts. Many public hospitals have been damaged. And many healthcare professionals have had to be relocated due to flooding. Waterborne diseases are serious health risks, including cholara.

Not everyone will be affected by climate change equally. Children will be affected most by climate change, which will affect them the most.

Help save and protect children in Pakistan

Seedout is helping provide lifesaving medical equipment, essential medicine, vaccinations, and safe delivery kits for families living outside their homes. Your support can help people during these difficult economic conditions. You can contribute by helping us reach more kids and families with critical, emergency and lifesaving supplies.