Gujranwala, Pakistan | Wholesale | Project ID: 564

Muhammad Saeed, a 53 year old man and a father to seven children was living in the slums of Gujranwala. 

At a time when poverty and inflation are on a high Saeed naturally felt helpless. His limited income was never enough to serve the needs of his large family. He had been working for an exhaustive thirty three years and was still not able to earn a suitable income for his family.  Due to the bleak situation only three of his seven children were attending school. Saeed's neighbours and friends described him as a loving, happy and supportive man. It was highly unfortunate that his  financiial conditions made him disheartened and dissapointed in his prospects for a better future.

Saeed came to SeedOut in anticipation of a loan inorder to expand his business. SeedOut with the help of its generous donors was able to help Saeed open up his general store and fulfill the needs of his family.

Muhammad Saeed is now a happy and content father who is able to take care of his family on his own. With your help SeedOut can alleviate poverty from Pakistan by empowering more people like Saeed.