Auto Rickshaw

Gujranwala, Pakistan | Transportation | Project ID: 519

Muhammad Adnan has a poor background and this is the reason he has remained illeterate and vulnerable. He lives in  joint family with his wife two infant sons, two brothers, a sister and his mother in a joint accomodation in Gujranwala. Their dire situation is obvious with their living circumstances. With low ventilation and clieanliess, they are prone to any epidemic. 

Muhammad Adnan works as a labor alog with his brothers to earn a living. He is a labor in an electronics company where he earns around USD 140 per month. Though his brothers also bring home some income, they still fall short of cash. Adnan is worried that if things do not change his children will also face the same fate as him. He came accross Seedout and has since decided to pursue this opportunity to buy an auto rickshaw. He thinks this way he can have additional income and he can gradually move towards a more stable lifestyle. 

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