Saniatory/Electric Store

Gujranwala, Pakistan | Retail | Project ID: 500

Waseem, 30 years of age, lives with his wife in an owned house in Gujranwala, Pakistan. He has been involved in trades as varied as being an electrician for three years and a laborer for four years before opening up his own electrical and sanitary shop in his locality, where he has been overseeing operations for the past five months. At home, he not only provides for his wife but also looks after his aging father, Basheer Ahmed, who struggles to bring in some extra income to the family from his work in the ceramics industry. Presently, the family's main source of income is Waseem's shop, where he manages to earn a monthly net profit of roughly $130, while his father makes a humble contribution of around $60. The family's living expenses follow close behind their income range with $90 domestic monthly expenses and $30 monthly business expenses at the store. This, however, doesn't seem to deter Waseem from his aims of expanding his shop, and his sales from the store guarantee that it could only benefit from such an expansion. In order to carry out this business expansion, Waseem requires a microloan of [LOAN_AMOUNT] from charitable donors. A crowd funding program for his cause would help him gather enough capital in no time.