Loader Rickshaw

Gujranwala, Pakistan | Transportation | Project ID: 483

Shahbaz Masih is a 33 year old graduate from Gujranwala. He lives with his wife and three children and operates a melamine machine from his home. His business is centered around the calculated use of this machine to mould various kinds of plastics into household utensils. Having carried out this work for nearly 5 years, Shahbaz has acquired great technical prowess, but he has come to the conclusion that he can optimise his business by cutting down on transportation costs with a personal motor rickshaw for moving required materials and finished products. Presently, his small manufacturing unit provides him with a meagre income of $250 per month. Having to cover family expenses in the vicinity of this income range, coupled with the fact that he is the sole source of income for this family of five - his wife does not work, two of his children attend school while the youngest is still an infant - Shahbaz finds it difficult to save enough to expand his social entrepreneurship. A generous donation from a crowd funding program would certainly allow him to execute this scheme of optimization and further expand his business operations.