Motorcycle Spare Parts

Lahore, Pakistan | Services | Project ID: 477

Muhammad Naeem is a 32 years old entrepreneur who started his career as a motor repair mechanic. He did not finish primary and is now the main income earner for his household, including his mother and sister. His brother who lives with him studies in the morning and works part-time as a welder and earns $120 each month to finance his studies.

With access to very limited resources, Naeem opened a small motor repair and spare parts workshop, which added to his family’s income. But he dreams he can do even more if he has additional capital. He knows that an infusion of capital will allow him to grow his business and, hopefully, hire other employees, thus creating the ripple effect that microfinance can have in poor communities. He says he is looking forward to work with SEEDOUT and has high hopes for his family’s future.