Motorcycle Repairing Workshop

Lahore, Pakistan | Retail | Project ID: 476

Syed Azam is 49 years old and works full time as a cycle mechanic and part-time in a restaurant to earn a living for his family. Altogether he makes about $210 per month. His family comprises of his wife and three school-going sons. With his family expenses increasing with every passing day he finds it difficult to make more money to provide better living standards to his family and fund his sons' education.

Over the years, he has managed to continually grow and improve his business, now operated out of a store in front of his house, but with no significant change in his income or living standard.  In the meantime, her younger sister was able to complete college with Victoria’s financial support. Asked if Seedout could help him, he replied enthusiastically, “Yes". His energy and determination combined with Seedout loan will allow him to improve his home, help his young children through college and acquire a property that provides him rental income.