Sales Man

Gujranwala, Pakistan | Services | Project ID: 470

Waqas Ali is 28 years old and aspires to become an entrepreneur. He is married and lives in a joint family set up in Gujranwala. His family comrpises of himself, his parents, wife and two siblings. Together with his younger brother they manage the household expenses. His sister is getting trained at a local sewing center. Waqas and his brother both work as labourers on daily wage. Waqas works at a fruit market and is employed at a fruit store. Waqas is illiterate and does not have many employment choices. He has only one way to have a better income and that is to have his own entrepreneur and in his case it is to start his own fruit shop. Fruits are commonly used in each season and its demand is plenty is every season. He has also soon a favourable location for his shop but the only issue of lack of Capital. 

Thanks to Seedout he can create a small enterprise of his dreams in Gujranwala. He is hopeful for a better future for his family.