Auto Rickshaw

Lahore, Pakistan | Transportation | Project ID: 463

Coming from an impoverished household, Fazal Ur Rahman now 40 years old could only study till 5th standard which his parents could no longer afford the expenditure of his education.

He is now an auto rickshaw driver by profession and despite his toil day after day he earns a sum of only $200 per month on a rented rickshaw. His wife is a housewife and looks after their four young children and his aging father. Two of his daughters are enrolled in Government school.

Due to extreme poverty his family has to live in a joint accommodation with only a room available to them. Fazal’s fate is pretty much the same as his parents but he does not want that to happen to his children. He does’t want them to do petty jobs for the rest of their lives and wants to change their fortunes by educating them and giving them better living standards.

Seedout has come up to support Fazal by the provision of interest free loan aimed at empowering individuals to have their own small enterprise to start with and improving economic conditions. Fazal hopes to have better earnings and is optimistic to provide better future to his family