Gujranwala, Pakistan | Manufacturing | Project ID: 406

Waheed Mukhtar is a 30 year’s old married man, living in Gujranwala, Pakistan. He has one daughter and father to take care of. He is a hardworking man, but he never had an opportunity to work towards a better future. He never had any considerable financial backing; he couldn’t even afford a proper education for himself. Therefore, he look forward for a good future for his daughter.

For that purpose, he is running a small business of Gas Stove, Heater and Room cooler maker since ten years. At this stage, he is concerned for his family future and wants to do savings. He wished to buy Power press and Spot Wielding machine, which can generate far better amount of money as compare to what he is earning now.

He turned all his hopes to Seed Out, and asked for an interest free loan of $750. Your donations can be a source of relief and support for him.