Gujranwala, Pakistan | Retail | Project ID: 370

Muhammad Nasir, a father of five children lives in Gujranwala along with his wife. A micro entrepreneur already, Nasir has been working for his crockery business since 2003. However, due to inflation and the competitive working environment, his income of $150 is insufficient. His wife also works at a weaving machine at home earning about $80 yet raising and educating 5 children is proving extremely difficult with this meager earning. He wants to expand his crockery business; he has asked Seed out for a microloan of $575 which will make the difference in Nasir’s quality of life.

Giving Nasir a chance to expand his crockery business will not only help his family to live a better life but it will also build upon his entrepreneurial skills further. Help Nasir achieve success and prosperity in life, which he truly deserves.