Auto Rickshaw

Lahore, Pakistan | Transportation | Project ID: 332

Shabir Ali was an entrepreneur operating his own factory. But recurring electricity load shedding and increasing commodity prices led to a loss and he became highly indebted. This blow could not beat him and he now works as a self employed rickshaw driver providing transportation services to the locals of Lahore making upto $150 each month.

He is married and father of two daughters and three sons. All of whom are school going. Seeing her father in so much debt, his elder daughter also started teaching children of the neighborhood and makes a decent $7 per month.  

The burden of repayments of debts and his household expenses is huge, so he has decided to buy a rickshaw to avoid paying rickshaw rentals worth $3.5 day for which he seeks Seedout’s assistance and hopes this start over will help him improve his life style again.