General Store

Gujranwala, Pakistan | Retail | Project ID: 482

Tasleem Akhtar lives in the city of Lahore, with her husband, their son and four daughters, three of whom are school going. To help support the family, she does embroidery and runs a general store from her house. She is literally the pillar of her family. At 52, she is energetic and enthusiastic about her business. She sells grocery products to the local community in her neighbourhood. Over the years this business has helped her pay many expenses, specially when she had to enroll her daughters into school. Herself illlterate she understands the significance of education for girls in our society. Lala wants to become a SEEDOUT client in order to boost her general store's productivity and increase her income to help improve the family’s living standards.

She will use her first Seedout loan of $500 to purchase more items of different types to increase sales. Once her store yields will increase she will use her increased profits with savings she has accumulated to buy a house for her children.