Crockery Business

Gujranwala, Pakistan | Retail | Project ID: 388

Muhammad Fiaz, is a 34 years old man, who is a father of four children. Despite the tough conditions in Gujranwala, life has not been easy to him. He had suffered a lot all alone to send his children to school.

He works day and night as a laborer but due to the low income, he cannot afford to give his children a daily meal. He get paid on daily basis and through that money, he brings food for his children. His income can only cover the food necessity and because of that, he is finding difficulty to give other expenditures like electricity bill, school fees etc. He cannot rest a single day at home with a fear that his children will starve all day.

You can give support to him by buying some crockery so he initiate his own business by selling crockery. A small amount of $572 donation would give him a contented life and secure future for his children.