Auto Rickshaw

Lahore, Pakistan | Transportation | Project ID: 329

Waheed 47 lives in a rented house with his family. A taxi driver by profession he enjoys riding around Lahore dropping passengers to their destinations. His wife works as a maid at USD80 per month. They are have two school going children. Together they contribute to manage their household expenses.

Things were going well until Waheed was diagnosed with Hepatitis C.  Livings in slums of Lahore people are prone to such communicable diseases. Now most of his income is consumed on his treatment and medicines. Thank God he is recovering but Waheed says he is unable to work as vigilantly as before, his working hours have reduced causing lose in his daily earnings.

Driving rickshaw on rent Waheed feels costs him more therefore he has decided to pursue a loan from Seedout intended to support people to build assets and provide employment opportunity, your support can help improve his earnings.