Auto Rickshaw

Lahore, Pakistan | Transportation | Project ID: 320

Shahzad 49, is married with 6 children. All his life he has worked to provide to his family and having a big family means more expenses.  His struggles and efforts can be seen in the wrinkles on his face. He lives in a rented house in a populated area deprived of many basic facilities in Lahore paying USD 40 in rent every month.

He works as a driver in a needle company making USD 175 per month. He has six children two of whom go to school. Nowadays 2 of his sons are working one in petrol pump and the other in Paan shop sharing his burden. Planning for the future, he thinks it’s the right time to invest in buying a rickshaw so that he and his sons have another source of income. Seedout is there to help him fulfill his vision to have better life for his children.