Auto Rickshaw

Lahore, Pakistan | Transportation | Project ID: 305

M. Sarwar lives in a joint family in the slums of Lahore. His family comprises of his parents, Wife and two children one of whom is school going and the other a toddler. Unable to get formal education he is passionate to educate his children. He rents a rickshaw paying $3 to the owner daily. But this is not it, the fuel and maintenance expenses also get added. Which means significant amount is spent on expenditures.

Being the sole earning hand for the entire family his frugal income of $150 falls short each time to meet the family expenditures. Frustrated as he may get, he still works extra hours, going early and coming late.

Therefore he has reached out to Seedout for assistance in buying a new rickshaw. Your support can help him become self sufficient and give him an opportunity to improve his economic condition.